Deaths in Nova Scotia Jails and Prisons

There is no requirement for public inquiry following death in custody in NS, NB, or NL: link


Josh Evans
September 10, 2018. 29-years-old. Burnside.


“Evans’ family says he had the mental capacity of a seven-year-old and had previously been diagnosed with velocardiofacial syndrome.” — link

“the victim was on remand and in a transition day room — a space for people with mental health issues or other challenges who do not meet the criteria to be housed in the forensic part of the jail.” — link

November, 2016. 38-years-old. Burnside

Found unresponsive in cell. Male. On remand. — link


Jason Marcel LeBlanc
January 31, 2016. 42-years-old. Cape Breton Correctional Facility.

Overdose. “The medical examiner also says the video shows the inmate’s breathing started to slow at 1:50 a.m. and it took 45 minutes before corrections officers found him lying unresponsive in his cell.” — link

“If my son had been taken to the hospital with his history of drug addiction ... he might have lived today." — link

Camille Strickland-Murphy
July 28, 2015. 22-years-old. Nova.

Suicide using a plastic bag. “Her obituary refers to a "disordered mind that caused her much suffering and also adversely impacted others," and yet "she highly valued and built strong and enduring friendships." — link


Veronica Park
April 24, 2015. 38-years-old. Nova

“She began complaining of a sore throat in April and asked for medical help due to chest pain. The pain got worse, and on April 24, the 38-year-old Corner Brook woman died after being taken to hospital.” — link


Clayton Cromwell
April 7, 2014. 23-years-old, Burnside.

“Cromwell died lying on a mattress on the floor of his jail cell on April 7, 2014. He had a fatal mixture of methadone and benzodiazepine, according to autopsy findings reported by the Canadian Press. Cromwell was not in the methadone program.” — link

“Cromwell was in the jail awaiting a hearing on alleged probation violations.” — link

“Cromwell's wing was on lockdown since the previous day, and correctional officers were aware inmates had been ‘all pilled up.’” — link

“An emergency intercom in the Burnside jail unit of a man who died of a methadone overdose had been improperly disabled by guards who regarded it as a nuisance.” — link


July 7, 2013. Burnside

Male. Found unresponsive in cell.


March 6, 2012. 25-years-old. Burnside

Male. Found unresponsive in cell. (overdose). On remand.


January 18, 2012. 44-years-old. Southwest Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Yarmouth

Male. Suicide. On remand.

July 25, 2011. 48-years-old. Burnside.

Male. On remand.