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Canadian Prison Law Conference

Martha Paynter will present "Supporting Imprisoned Women in Pregnancy and Mothering" at the Canadian Prison Law Conference with G. Carson and B. Mercer.

More information and registration here.

"In September 2018, the Schulich School of Law, together with the Canadian Prison Lawyers Association, will host the inaugural Canadian Prison Law Conference in Halifax.

The conference has multiple goals. First, it aims to unite individuals from different areas of practice and academia with an interest in prison law to network and reflect on how best to serve an increasing and diverse prison population. Second, it aims to contribute to the training of professionals interested in this area, through panels, keynotes speakers, and workshops. Third, it aims to facilitate the creation of a strong prison justice advocacy group that will continue beyond the conference, with the goal of effecting change through policy work, legal representation, and academic teaching. Finally, the conference seeks to raise student interest in this field."