Local non-profit seeks public inquiry into death of Halifax man in custody

“A local non-profit is assisting a Halifax family in its search for answers after a man in custody at the East Coast Forensic Hospital died this week.

Gregory Hiles, 39, was reportedly found hanging from his sheets at the Dartmouth psychiatric hospital overnight between Aug. 20 and Aug, 21. He was taken off of life support on Tuesday.

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The Women’s Wellness Initiative has demanded a public inquiry on the family’s behalf and is calling for higher standards of care for incarcerated persons in Nova Scotia.

‘This is a man whose mother is looking for answers about what happened to him,’ initiative chair and co-ordinator Martha Paynter told Global News on Wednesday.

‘His bodily autonomy was not maintained, was not secure and I understand that he was not able to have contact visits with his own children.’

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Grace Szucs